The Big Stuff:

Look, even before members of the Supreme Court acted against their sworn testimony to uphold federally protected access to abortion, the right to reproductive freedom was under attack. Access to abortion has been increasingly more difficult in Texas and other parts of the country. As mental health providers, we see every single day the preventable physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that follows any wall placed between you and your ability to make decisions for yourself and have access to basic support. We know that restrictions on reproductive freedom impact everyone in ways far beyond getting an abortion. Everyone. The worst of it? Communities who are already more likely to be experiencing the negative impacts of policies and practices that create unequal oportunities — BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, under-resourced neighborhoods, and people who have to make ends meet on low wages — are going to face additional challenges.

What We Decided to Do About It:

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we dropped a lot of f-bombs — but then realized we had an opportunity to do something real. Let’s Talk Mental Health HTX is a volunteer organization taking direct action to combat the consequences of frequent, organized attacks on our communities. We aren’t here to sell you anything or ask you for anything. We are here to provide you with information about mental health, clarity around the process of seeking therapy, and support for finding a therapist in the Houston area who isn’t going to make you feel judged or like you’re doing life wrong. You can find us “popping up” around Houston to answer questions on the spot and provide outreach to people just like you. We’ve got this website full of resources, too, and if you can’t find the answer to your question here, we’re just a DM away.


Alicia Neeley, LPC-A


Supervised by Jill Tucker

Hi! Alicia Neeley, licensed professional counselor- associate, here. After the Supreme Court ruling, I felt helpless, among many others. This led to “What can we do as therapists in our community?” Safe spaces for mental health for absolutely every human should be possible- including those working through an abortion and systemically marginalized communities. I’ve partnered with these 3 great women to bridge the gap between mental health FAQs, awareness and finding pro-choice, LGBTQIA+ allied therapists in the Houston area. We are a growing group of therapists “popping up” around Houston to bring educational resources, questions on the spot with therapists and resources to the LGBTQIA+, pro-choice, and allied communities of Houston. I have fulfilled my life goal and dream becoming a therapist- and as a therapist I pledge to continue using my knowledge to create safe spaces for all for the men and women effected by Roe V Wade being overturned. It’s vital to keep community education and resources alive – and I’m grateful to find an as equally driven team to donate their time, resources and knowledge.

Heather Murphy, LPC-S


Meet Heather Murphy, LTMH_HTX sponsor and owner/founder of @thefeelingshealers, a private group therapy practice on the way-too-short list of practices is the Greater Houston area that are majority PoC and LGBTQIA+-affirming. Heather has been vocal in her life and through her business about advocacy of human rights, therapy for all, and the basic right of mental health for marginalized communities. Heather strives to provide accessible care to all clients through health insurance, reduced (even free!) counseling services, in-person and virtual therapy, community outreach, and groups. She doesn’t care if speaking up in support of controversial issues (what we call human rights) is a risky business call — she cares about people. After several funding offers within 24 hours of pitching LTMH_HTX, it was a no-brainer to partner with Heather to keep freedom, creativity, inclusivity, social awareness, and education the priority.

Kelley Walters


Hi! I’m Kelley Walters, a graduate intern at The Feelings Healers. It’s always been personally important to me to use my voice in ways that make the world less shitty for everyone, especially when it comes to reproductive and civil rights. But I wanted to do more, so I made a career switch in 2019 from education to mental health. The kind of work we are doing at Let’s Talk Mental Health HTX shows how we can all carve out a place in our tiny corners of the world and DO something. But I am tired of just trying to be heard — it’s time to #takeover.

Nikki Rynearson


Hi, I’m Nikki Rynearson! As a first generation Filipino American and sister to two proud lesbian women, I have long stood with those of marginalized groups as it is my daily and life experience. I am a professional marketer and graphic designer in the construction industry and am beyond excited to also use my skills for the betterment of my community. It’s truly an honor to be working with Let’s Talk Mental Health HTX to help create their vision for providing allied mental health resources to Houston!